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7 Real Life Lessons I’ve Learned as a Graphic Designer | Better Than Success

Just like every other human being, I am a work in progress. Last year, I got a promotion to Lead Graphic Designer at our parent company Lidyr Creative. During this time, I’ve learned so many … Continue reading

How to Create Your Company Manual

As you grow your business and hire new employees, it is important that you have a company manual that includes standard operating procedures. Now, before you even get started, you should know that … Continue reading

Q&A on design entrepreneurship – InVision Blog

Building a startup today is easier than ever thanks to readily available and affordable technology resources. But with so many products fighting for the end user’s attention, both in the consumer and enterprise space, how does one startup stand out from the next? Enter the designer/entrepreneur. Continue reading

Why writing should be part of your design portfolio – InVision Blog

Sharing your design expertise builds your network.

You’ve likely spent hours carefully crafting your personal website so that it beautifully showcases your most impressive design work. But there’s one thing your portfolio’s probably missing.

Writing about design.

Supplementing your design portfolio with a thoughtfully written blog allows you to share your knowledge with other designers, build your network, and position yourself as a leader in your field.

Trouble is, writing might not come easy for many designers—and even if it does, it might feel like just one more thing to pile on the to-do list every week. Continue reading

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