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Why spend ALL your time working when you don’t have to? 

If you work in graphic design, you’re probably only too well aware of the value of good time management.

Graphic designers are required to work tight deadlines and navigate around very busy schedules to get projects completed. Shaving even a couple of minutes off design time here and there can benefit your ability to apply yourself fully to a project.

What if we were to tell you that there are ways of shaving a couple of hours off your busy schedule every week?

We’ve got five great graphic design tips that could end up saving you hours – take a look!

Photoshop Batch Editing function

If you’re not already using the wondrous batch editing function in Photoshop, you need to start doing so right now!

This functionality is the ultimate time-saver for graphic designers, but many of us completely under utilise it.

If you have a bunch of images to edit in the same way, doing so image by image can prove to be a long and time consuming task (not to mention boring!). The Photoshop Batch Editing tool allows you to apply the same edit/action to an entire batch of open files.

Depending on the amount of images you’re dealing with, batch editing can save you hours of time.

Use InDesign style sheets for quicker formatting

Formatting can prove a bit of a drain on time for graphic designers.

You probably know how CSS style sheets can save you a lot of time on formatting – well, InDesign style sheets can too.

Save popular/commonly used character styles, paragraph styles, table styles and object styles to style panels where they can be quickly accessed and applied to any future text/object that requires formatting.

Create custom keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts for Photoshop and InDesign are a great time-saver for auctioning regular design tasks.

Don’t just stick to the standard keyboard shortcuts – create your own!

The most frequent design applications used vary from designer to designer, so ensure that keyboard shortcuts are set up for the applications/tasks you action most frequently. If you repeat a task at least 3 or 4 times per day, you should create a keyboard shortcut.

Doing so will save you a mega amount of time!

Create a common graphics/logos document

Undoubtedly as a graphic designer you’ve got unused logos or icons that can be saved for a future design.

To save you time rummaging through your desktop looking for one of these previously-used graphics, create an InDesign or Photoshop (whichever platform you use most) document containing all logos, icons and graphics most viable for repurposing.

Set up a home network

As a graphic designer, you may need to work from different computers from time to time:

  • your laptop may be in for repair/maintenance
  • you may prefer to conduct some work on a desktop
  • you need to access client files urgently on the go
  • you might just need a change of scenery

(The reasons are endless.)

By setting up even a basic-level home network, you can save a lot of valuable hours with seamless file and program access from any of your devices.

Share your tips!

As with any job, it’s important to use your work-time to its maximum potential. Graphic designers who implement the five tips above are sure to fully optimise their time and save hours upon hours of unnecessary work…and tedium.

Do you have a can’t-live-without productivity tip? Share it with us in the comments!

About Ivan Lavelle

Ivan Lavelle possesses 15 years management experience in the graphic arts/print sector and is the owner of Upper Case – a multi award-winning graphic design, digital marketing and direct mail agency based in Cork, Ireland.

5 Graphic design tips to shave hours off your work week – Graphic Design Blender.

Enjoy your newly found free time!


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