7 Awesome Premium Freemium Software For Small Business

Photo Credit: Caio Paifer via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Caio Paifer via Compfight cc

Free software is great for a business on a budget to use. It can provide the necessary tools to be productive at no added cost. However, free software may not have all the features and functionality needed to grow and sustain a business efficiently. In the long run, good software usually ends up costing your business something. So, how do you balance commercial considerations with budgetary constraints?

Enter the Freemium Software model The freemium model is fast becoming the preferred method for business software distribution and retail. Essentially, the freemium model is a combination of free and paid. This means that there are two versions of the software available to users: a basic free version (that may be a trial version) with not a lot of frills (compared to pro versions) and a premium version with all the bells and whistles and customization. And, what are the benefits, you ask? Some of them are listed below:

Free software: The basic version of the software is generally free and enables you to cut costs. This means you don’t need to worry about your budgets going overboard as you implement that great product.

Easy scalability: Once you have the basics in place, the freemium model enables you to scale your business with the resulting demand curve. This means that you can scale your software use as revenues increase or decrease. This means that, with increasing revenues, you can add complexity to your solution and/or increase the number of users.

Beta Testing : Freemium software allows you to beta test before you commit to a purchasing decision. This means if basic software versions does it for you, then you do not need to invest in premium versions. The result is that you save money and effort. And, in the end, you know exactly what you are going in for when you invest in software.

With this in mind, let’s look at some freemium software that might be awesome for your small business try, in some cases, forever! 

Xero is an online accounting-based software that enables you to manage and track your accounts from anywhere. Their software allows you to get paid faster.They call themselves the “world’s easiest accounting software” and have a Grasshopper
Grasshopper is a virtual phone system designed to help small businesses & entrepreneurs stay connected and sound more professional. It allows you to turn your smart phone into a business line with no hassle. While technically not freemium ware, Grasshopper does have a 30 day money back guarantee and no long term contracts so it’s worth a try. Here’s a short list of what you can do with Grasshopper. Try it free for 30 whole days!

  • Keep your existing number – Maintain your brand
  • Get a toll free or local number – national or local presence
  • Multiple extensions – for everyone on your team
  • Call forwarding to mobile phones – work from anywhere
  • Voicemails transcribed – delivered to your email
  • No new hardware – use your existing phones
  • Send business text messages – from your local number


Do you want to open an online store? 3dcart is an “All in one” ecommerce solution to build your store on the web (no software to install on your PC). The software makes it easy to build your store and shopping cart with its intuitive features. Try it for free! Features include:

  • Real-Time Shipping – Get accurate rates, print labels and provide tracking information with UPS, USPS, Fedex, Canada Post and AU Post.

  • Accept Credit Cards – Over 200 supported Payment providers, including Paypal and Amazon.

  • Search Engine Optimization – SEO-friendly shopping cart with Custom URLs, Dynamic Meta-tags, link titles and more.

  • Social & Mobile Commerce – Sell with the 3dcart built-in Facebook Store. Reach shoppers with mCommerce for mobile devices.

  • Unlimited Support, and free software updates Try it for free!

Meet your new WebEx” target=”_blank”>sign up for free and try it out for as long as you need! Webex


Sync.com is like Dropbox, but secure, and 100% private.The freemium version is always free and gives you a whopping 5GB of space to sync, store, and share your files across your devices.

Unlike other file sharing apps, receivers do NOT need to sign up to access the files you want to share with them. Once you get addicted to the freemium version, sign up for the pro version.

Lucky Orange

It’s an unusual name but with Lucky Orange you can watch visitors use your site, then optimize your checkout process accordingly. Lucky Orange boasts themselves as “The Original All-in-One Conversion Optimization Suite. Used on over 35,000 sites.”. One awesome feature is that you can actually DVR/ record your visitors mouse movements across your site to view later! Other features include heat maps, chat, conversion funnels, form analytics, and polls, all geared towards converting casual browsers into paying customers. The paid version is as low as $10 per month but remember to try it for free!


Last but not least on our list of “7 Awesome Premium Freemium Software For Small Business.” is Freshbooks. Freshbooks is accounting software designed exclusively for service-based small businesses making it great for creatives, consultants, home services, and IT businesses (or other types of businesses as well). This business software is comparable to Quickbooks but easier. Forbes Magazine calls FreshBooks “incredibly user-friendly”. Paid version starts at only 9.95 a month but try the freemium version free for 30 days

What can you do with Freshbooks for 30 free days? 

  • Invoicing
  • Track Expenses
  • Time Tracking
  • Collect Payments
  • Reporting 

There you have it. Our list of 7 Awesome Premium Freemium Software For Small Business. What is your experience with freemium software? Share your story in the comments below. 

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