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According to Forbes Magazine, business organizations often struggle to become more efficient because of complacency, fear of conflict, and an aversion to hard facts. However, businesses must focus on continuous improvement if they want to remain competitive and profitable…

Reduce Meeting Times and Frequencies

Some reports show that managers spend up to half of their day in a variety of meetings. This not only wastes time, but impedes efficient business processes and communication. As an alternative, a short daily meeting is an excellent idea as long as it focuses on problem-solving and following up on assignments. Some companies refer to this type of meeting as a daily huddle. Some departments even gather in a standing circle to encourage open and fast communication. This type of meeting will keep people in the loop, increase accountability, ensure assigned tasks are accomplished, and identify improvement opportunities.



Encourage Open Communication

Many companies have official open-door policies that encourage employees to speak their mind, but some supervisors will unofficially discourage their employees from speaking their minds. While supervisors should be the main contact point for employees, upper management must ensure that employees are encouraged and allowed to report concerns regarding safety and quality. Management can cultivate a culture that embraces constructive feedback and open communication by actively responding to all suggestions or complaints.

Paystubs and paychecks

Many companies use software solutions to process their paystubs and paychecks. For example, accounting software programs allow business owners to efficiently process employee wages. Some of the most popular programs include Xero and FreshBooks. These types of programs will increase financial accuracy and efficiency. By using a pay stub creator, you can make sure all employees are being paid accurately. There are also online services that allow companies to go paperless and create customized checks. This is an eco-friendly solution that allows business owners to easily process payroll.

Quality Control

One of the best ways to improve efficiency is to implement a comprehensive quality control program that is designed to increase process efficiencies and decrease waste and redundancies. An easy way to start this is to task an employee-driven quality team with analyzing and streamlining work processes. The step-by-step documentation that describes job duties can be used to create standard work procedures. Standardizing work procedures will improve safety, quality, and efficiency.

Download Standards from ANSI

Taken as a whole, the above mentioned ways will increase creativity and productivity. Bear in mind that when it comes to employee complaints, management doesn’t have to agree to actually change anything, but they must openly respond to ideas or concerns in a respectful and timely manner. This will improve morale and teamwork.

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