Case Study: Photo Retouching

Case Study: Photo retouching by Photoshop Expert, Jubilee Jones

In this case study we will discuss this client’s photo retouching project by Photoshop Expert, Jubilee Jones. Let me begin by saying the original picture is great to begin with! But, as suggested by the client, it could be made even better.

Stacy Before

I love the color palette and the depth of this picture. The model’s pose is interesting as well. There is nothing inherently wrong with this picture. Just a few areas to adjust and clean up. 

One thing that I was asked to do was cleanup/ remove the stray hairs on and around her face. I used a number of Photoshop tools including masks, clone tool, pattern replace tool, and blur tool. The point was to remove just the hair stands but not the background and make it seamless and natural looking.

I also remove the white at the corner of her eye and took the red out of both her eyes. 

The next step was to make the colors more vibrant! I achieved the vibrance by adjusting the sliders in the Vibrance panel. 

Stacy After

The last steps were just to add a highlight to the picture, create and add a background for display purposes, and collect a check for this project! Here are the results: 

Stacy Crawford Before and After


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