7 Awesome Premium Freemium Software For Small Business

Photo Credit: Caio Paifer via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Caio Paifer via Compfight cc

Free software is great for a business on a budget to use. It can provide the necessary tools to be productive at no added cost. However, free software may not have all the features and functionality needed to grow and sustain a business efficiently. In the long run, good software usually ends up costing your business something. So, how do you balance commercial considerations with budgetary constraints?

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What 10 million passwords reveal about the people who choose them

Unmasked: What 10 million passwords reveal about the people who choose them

password safetyA lot is known about passwords. Most are short, simple, and pretty easy to crack. But much less is known about the psychological reasons a person chooses a specific password. We’ve analyzed the password choices of 10 million people, from CEOs to scientists, to find out what they reveal about the things we consider easy to remember and hard to guess.

Unmasked: What 10 million passwords reveal about the people who choose them

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80 Awesome Free Resources for Growing Your Small Business

80 Awesome Free Resources for Growing Your Small Business

Running a small business can be rough, especially during the startup stage. You have to wear a lot of hats, and a lot of times, you don’t know how to perform in those roles. Even worse, a lot of those roles require tools that can be expensive. Fortunately, there are alternatives.

I’ve been wanting to compile a list of all the best free tools and resources available to small businesses for a while, and I finally got around to it. Below you will find educational resources, design tools, free advertising, and basically anything you need to run your small business better. Enjoy!

Design Tools
Communication Tools
Office Design
Public Relations Tools
Website Tools
Social Media Tools
Financial Tools
Advice Tools
Local Advertising Tools

Design Tools

A lot of small businesses don’t have the resources to hire a professional design service, so they have to do it themselves. Here are five free design resources I’ve used and come to love:


This is a great website for 100% free vector graphics. A vector graphic is an image that will still look good when scaled up. These are great for infographics, websites, whatever.

Free Stock Photos That Don’t Suck

Basically a list of sites to help you find good stock photos, that you can use for free. Just avoid using the pretty blonde girl with the headset, it’s overdone. I found the one used behind the header from one of these sites.


Adobe Photoshop is an amazing tool and an industry standard, but not everyone can afford it. GIMP is a free open source alternative that contains many of the same tools and it also has a great community supporting it.


Just like GIMP is an alternative for Photoshop, Inkscape is a great alternative for Illustrator. If you need to design a logo, icon, or sketch, Inkscape works great, and it’s absolutely free.


Where GIMP and Inkscape are a blank canvas that require some design background, Canva is an online tool, no installation required, that already has layouts and image sets that are designed for you. They offer thousands of free vector graphics and images that you can drop into your design, and also premium images for $11 each. A great tool that I used to create the head image for this post.


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