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Doing it Yourself In Design

Sometimes we feel the need to go it alone, stepping out into the abyss and braving the sometime tumultuous waters of DIY. I am an avid DIY-er. I am a Creative so hands on, Doing It Myself (DIY) is my nature! Even if it is cheaper, easier, and just plain better to have someone else do it for me, I simply have an inner need to try it myself … at least once! Which brings me to the topic of this new client case study… Doing it Yourself in Design

Before - Flyer designed by client. After Flyer Design

Now don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against the DIY Designer. It is how I got started in design over 17 years ago! I simply didn’t have the knowledge or even the means to hire a Graphic Designer so I did it myself. I took the time to study and learn good design and the ins/ outs of this profession. I put in the work which makes me the awesome designer I am today! As a nonprofessional designer, if you know good design and can mimic it, by all means, design it yourself. BUT if you don’t… leave your design projects to Allure Design Graphics! :-D!   

In this case study, the client designed a promotional flyer himself and posted it on social media advertising his organization (Client’s DIY Flyer, as is, below).

Before - Flyer designed by client.

In this ad, the picture is skewed, the font is not working for this application, the logo is ill placed, and quite frankly the design is lacking and boring (I won’t mention the white drop shadow).  

After seeing this ad on social media, I quickly reached out to the client and offered to redesign his promotional ad in a way that will be aesthetically pleasing. I felt the message was too important to be represented like this! I guess I was FSKW…

The Redesign

So after talking terms and pricing, the project got underway and here is the result:

After Flyer Design

Wow! What a difference! In this redesign, we made the ad landscape, set the subject to the left with filters and transparencies, made the tilt clear and concise, added the clients hashtags and social media links so that viewers of the ad can take action (ie. follow). We also ensured the logo was properly place in view and a QR code added as well to further learn more about the organization. The background is interesting but set in a distance, as not to take away from the content.

At first glance the viewers eye is drawn to the clients picture then over to the title, then down the page to the hash tags and contact information. Job complete and well done! This client was so satisfied that he immediately ordered another flyer using the same picture. Here is the result of that project: 



At Allure Design Graphics, we put a lot of thought and purpose behind our work. It is easy to just use an over used template but we understand that each client is unique and requires a custom approach when it comes to design and marketing! If you are need of design services, please don’t hesitate to contact us today via, phone, contact form, text, or message us on social media (see our Twitter and Facebook feeds below).

What do you think of this case study? Do you feel we did a great job in redesigning this flyer? Leave a comment below! 



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