Photo Editing Case Study


Photo Editing Case Study- Adding Pants

In this case study my client sent me a photo of a female character of his book. The initial request was to add camouflage pants the the subject. The initial challenge here was to either find a graphic of some pants to modify to add to the picture or create my own pants to add. Also, once the pants were found or created, I had to figure out how to get them under her leg straps and tucked into her boots AND MAKE IT LOOK REAL.


So, I searched the internet for a free graphic of camouflage pants and I found a couple that just wouldn’t do. So I had to scrap that idea and figure out how to create my own graphic of camouflage pants! To Photoshop it was! 

I found a free Photoshop pattern of camouflage and added to my pallet. Done! Now I have some camo! What next though? It’s time to start the design! Examining the picture I figured that since the pants need to be UNDER the leg straps but over the shorts, that I would have to temporarily cut the bands out, then replace them after I put the pants on her. So I outlined the bands and cut them, hid them in a layer.

Next I outlined the shape of her new pants and began to paint the camouflage into the shape. That left me with just a flat image of the pants.

Case Study - Adding pants


Now it’s time to add the bands back in.

Case Study- bands added

As you can see the image is still not complete. Adding shadows, creases, folds, and highlights in the right places makes the image come to life and the pants look more real!

Case Study- Sarah Final

There it is! The final image ready to send to my client! Photo Retouching and Manipulations is NOT an easy job. It requires a LOT of thought and planning even before the actual design begins. A designer has to know lighting, shading, and the natural flow/ movement of the body.

Even though my client loved this design he wanted to make the pants long, add some combat boots, and cover her cleavage! Back to the drawing board er’ Photoshop!

So from the last mock up I went back to draw in some long pants using my pen tool, creativity, and the camouflage pattern brush. I also had to search stock photo sites to find a pair of combat boots at the right angle! this was NOT an easy task! Pictures of boots come in all styles and at all angles. The challenge was to find a pair that had the right angle to match her stance. 

After painting the pants and adding the combat boots, it was time for highlights and shadows. Here is the final image:

Case Study - Flat Long pants final

Whew! Done! My client absolutely loved these designs! A bit of a challenge but with proper planning and strategizing it can be done. Think outside the box when it comes to design! I’m ready for the next challenge.


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  1. Be still my beating heart!!!! What a goreogus layout…..I am really loving your evolving style.The details are gorgeous and your choice of papers perfect…….As for Ioli I want to scoop her up and hold her close…..gorgoeus…..

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