How to create a small business budget

Business Budget
Businesses need budgets. So how do you go about setting a business budget? What are the main things you need to put in? And what will it tell you? Bookkeeper, Emma Northcote-Green, takes us through budgeting 101.

Emma Northcote-Green – Managing Director, Fresh Financials

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How to Create Your Company Manual

As you grow your business and hire new employees, it is important that you have a company manual that includes standard operating procedures. Now, before you even get started, you should know that … Continue reading

7 Awesome Premium Freemium Software For Small Business

Photo Credit: Caio Paifer via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Caio Paifer via Compfight cc

Free software is great for a business on a budget to use. It can provide the necessary tools to be productive at no added cost. However, free software may not have all the features and functionality needed to grow and sustain a business efficiently. In the long run, good software usually ends up costing your business something. So, how do you balance commercial considerations with budgetary constraints?

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