5 Graphic design tips to shave hours off your work week – Graphic Design Blender

Why spend ALL your time working when you don’t have to? 

If you work in graphic design, you’re probably only too well aware of the value of good time management.

Graphic designers are required to work tight deadlines and navigate around very busy schedules to get projects completed. Shaving even a couple of minutes off design time here and there can benefit your ability to apply yourself fully to a project.

What if we were to tell you that there are ways of shaving a couple of hours off your busy schedule every week?

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Three client-types that are guaranteed to bring tons of business | Graphic Design Blender | Freelance Design Blog

Are you one? Inquire within! ~Allure Design Graphics


Last time I checked, 74% of our new business came from word of mouth referrals. That’s just downright staggering isn’t it? Pretty much three quarters of our clients came from people jibbering on about how awesome we are (or something to that effect, we’ll just go with that to stroke my ego okay?)

You do good work, you deliver great results, clients rave about you and you get more great clients. And so continues the blissful cycle of never having to look for leads.

But is it really that easy to get referrals?

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